Wedding day:
Full Day Wedding Capture
Two Videographers

Final videos include:
Wedding Day Trailer (5 minutes max)
Full Wedding Day Documentary Film (15 minutes or longer)
Full Ceremony With Audio
Full Toasts With Audio


You deserve the best. That’s why we only offer one wedding day package. You get us all day, and we capture everything - from candid moments, getting ready, to the first look, the vows, the kiss, the fun and party time. We get so much footage from a wedding day, we want you to have all the best moments and that usually means a 15 minute long video (or longer!). If you’re going to invest in videographers, you deserve it all - not paying extra for “add-ons”. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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Looking for a keepsake from the season of your engagement? Let us film you during your engagement photo session or we can plan our own time!

We suggest filming in your favorite spots together, doing your favorite things. You can even use this memory as something to play for your guest at your reception. Have another idea for this kind of video? Let’s chat! We’d love to create whatever you’re looking for.

Prices vary dependent on length of final video, contact us for details.


Do you want a video to show during the rehearsal, a part of the ceremony or at the reception?

This is what you’re looking for. We will use your photos & videos that you want as a part of the video and put it to some of your favorite music.

Prices vary dependent on length of final video, contact us for details.